Military OneSource: Info for Your Work and the Families You Serve

Read and download information without a login!

Military OneSource’s website is a treasure-trove of information and resources for military families, with updated and accurate information about military family support programs and resources for family members with disabilities. The latest website update makes it easy for anyone to read articles and download individual resources. If you want to order some of their military-friendly products, we show you how to log in!

What is it?

Military OneSource is a Department of Defense-funded program providing comprehensive information, referral and assistance on every aspect of military life. Military OneSource services are available worldwide, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at no cost to service members, their families and survivors. The website is open to the general public, with a few exceptions.

Resources include:

Articles with help and information for military families on topics like:

Military Life Cycle

Family and Relationships

Moving and Housing

Financial and Legal

Education and Employment

Health and Wellness

And a category for Service Providers and Leaders

Military OneSource has lots of resources for military family members with disabilities, including the Education Directory for Children with Special Needs, the Special Care Organizational Record for Children with Special Health Care Needs (everything in one place!) and a section on adults with special needs.

Families can access the Exceptional Family Member “ROC”-Resources, Options and Consultations service through the Military OneSource website—a service with special needs consultants available by phone or video, including access to a TRICARE health care specialist.

Military OneSource offers products to help military families deal with the typical stresses of military life:

  • Audio and Video (e.g. Military Youth Coping with Separation: When Family Members Deploy, Mr. Poe and Friends Discuss Family Reunion After Deployment, etc.)
  • Books and Booklets (e.g. Bullying is a Pain in the Brain, Over There, etc.)
  • CD’s and DVD’s (e.g. Sesame Street’s Little Children, Big Challenges: Resilience, Double Duty: Staying Connected with your Kids When You’re a Deployed Dad, etc.)
  • And so much more!

To order actual products (as opposed to downloading a file for individual use) you will need a login:

Go to Click Login in the upper right-hand corner. This will guide you to a page that asks if you want to proceed to a non-secure site; please click Proceed to Login. Read the DOD Notice and Consent, then consent by choosing the option indicating you have read and understand the statement, etc. Now select Register Now (indicated on the right side of the page).

Once you reach the area shown below, you need to indicate you are a DoD Service Provider under Role (an additional drop-down will populate in which you will need to select Affiliation as Other-Not Listed), you are a DoD Civilian under Service, and DoD Service Provider under Service Status.

image of military onesource web page duplicating text instructions

Once you Continue to Step 2 you will be prompted to create a password, choose security questions and answer them. Then Submit Your Request. Now you order products to offer to military families at your parent center, at resource fairs, and at trainings!  

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