What to Share?

We invite your style, your personality, your tone and your message to come through your story.  We want to keep it “clean” of profanity and slurs. For your privacy, though, you may want to change the names of towns, schools, friends, teachers, etc. (We can also make these changes for you, later)​ .

Some Ideas for Reflection:

How did you adjust to multiple schools?  New communities?  Connect with peers?  Sports, music, clubs, art – what helped you? Looking back, what were the hardest transitions (e.g., leaving high school in the middle, transferring when you were in middle school, just when you got on a team, etc.)? What support from family, friends, teachers, on the installations or in the community helped make the moves and transitions easier?  What people, places and events help shaped who you are today?  ​

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​Telling Your Story

We welcome all the different ways you want to tell your story! ​

  • Write or dictate your story in Microsoft Word
  • Write or dictate in PowerPoint and turn on the audio and add images to tell your story
  • Make an audio recording
  • Share a song you wrote that tells us about your life, growing up
  • Make and submit your own video story
  • Submit artwork that tells your story
  • Be interviewed by us or someone you choose and select the best parts of the interview

How Can You Share?

Choose the option that best fits for you!