Targeted Technical Assistance

We support Parent Centers who serve military families of children and youth with disabilities.

Our intent: Parent Centers in the 12 States with the highest military representation will have sustained, effective relationships with the personnel on the military installations within their States.

The States in the Top 12 Cohort are:

California; Texas; North Carolina; Virginia; Florida; Georgia; Hawaii; Washington; South Carolina; Colorado; Maryland; and Kentucky.

We offer Parent Centers in 12 States – Connections for your work.

• Information and training,
• A private Facebook group to connect, network, and learn with one another.
• Create opportunities to meet with one another and military installations and their personnel.
• Downloadable products:

  1. Top 12 Highest Military States Presentation
  2. Table Conversations Worksheet with your staff/colleagues
  3. OPSEC by Dr. Seuss (Operational Security)