We want to hear from young adults who grew up military!

We welcome and invite young adults between ages 18-26 who have a disability or special health care need to share your experience of growing up in a military family.

In today’s world, growing up in a military family may include lots of moves. This means multiple schools, communities, and cultures. All of this adds to your lived experience.

The power of sharing your story

In the last 18 – 26 years, thousands of young adults with disabilities have navigated the K – 12 school system and perhaps gone on to college and career options during one or both parents’ military career(s).

Right now, thousands more youth in military families with disabilities and special healthcare needs are growing up across the US and abroad.  ​

Your story could change the outlook for others living through similar experiences, and help other military families navigate certain challenges.

Your story is out there; it should be you who tells it

-Domenic Colenso

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