5 Top Branch Resources Used by Parent Centers

Have you used any of these five most-visited resources? Parent centers in states as diverse as Michigan and Texas use them to help military families–check them out for the families you serve!

Incapacitated Child Age 21 and Older / What is Secondary Dependency? Two articles with the same information: Forms and procedures for military parents to continue military benefits for an adult dependent child; all branches of service. (Ok, two articles but we’re counting them as one).

The Respite Care Question for Military Children: Formal military-sponsored respite programs, and other military-sponsored programs which while not specifically for children with disabilities, might be useful to give primary caregivers a break.

Role of the School Liaison Officer: Quick resource about these installation points of contact for all things related to that installation’s children and youth and the local school systems. School Liaisons are a huge resource for parent centers!

Medicaid-Referring Military Families to Supports and Services: Military children with disabilities often do qualify for Medicaid, but their families encounter a number of obstacles to getting services, especially if the services are through a HCBS or other waivers. This article has details on how TRICARE military health care and Medicaid interact and dispels myths about military families’ ability to qualify for Medicaid.

Military Acronyms and Terms: What on earth do BAH, CYSS, and CONUS mean? This is an alphabetical list of commonly used, crucial, and obscure-but-important military acronyms and terms.

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