State Report Cards Will Include Military Students

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires States to report on the academic progress of military-connected students and other important data that will tell military parents, advocates for military children, and Parent Centers who serve military families how well these highly-mobile students are doing in school. Read on for expected outcomes, links to articles on the topic, and the key excerpt from ESSA.

Impact of Data Collection: What Could It Tell Us?

  • Where military-connected students attend school
  • The current academic progress and academic progress over time of military-connected students
  • The proficiency and graduation rates of military-connected students
  • Mobility and dropout rates of military-connected students in comparison to their civilian
  • Participation in special and/ or advanced programs
  • Reveal patterns across state and district lines

Report Cards Will Include Military Students: From Every Student Succeeds Act, Title I, Part A, Sec.
‘(C) MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS.-Each State report card required under this subsection shall include the following
”(ii) For all students and disaggregated by each subgroup of students described in subsection (b)(2)(B)(xi), homeless status, status as a child in foster care, and status as a student with a parent who is a member of the Armed Forces (as defined in section 101(a)(4) of title 10, United States
Code) on active duty (as defined in section 101(d)(5) of such title), information on student achievement on the academic assessments described in subsection (b)(2) at each level of achievement, as determined by the State under subsection (b)(1).” (emphasis added).
Every Student Succeeds Act, 20 U.S.C.A. §1005 (2015).


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