2 Super-Easy Ways to Show Your Support for Military-Connected Families with Month of the Military Child

Month of the Military Child (MoMC) happens every April.

Your center’s visible celebration of MoMC encourages military families to come to you when they need help. They’ll know you have made efforts to learn about and understand their needs, their world, and the challenges their children face.


  • Customize and use the supplied graphics and content
  • Share events happening during MoMC


  • On your social media pages, posts, website, flyers, emails and all the ways you can display the customizable graphics and content
  • Disseminate the events and outreach opportunities at schools, installations and military family and veteran support organizations

History of Month of the Military Child: In 1986, Secretary of Defense Casper W. Weinberger decided to recognize the sacrifices made by children of military service members. He believed that military children are inspirational because of the way they respond to stressful situations, such as frequent moves and separated families during periods of deployment. Now we have a nationally recognized celebration honoring the children of military service members.

Purple Up Day, April 18, 2019: Purple Up Day is a dedicated day in April when everyone can celebrate military children by wearing the color purple. Why purple? Purple has special meaning in the military; it is anything “Joint”, or where different U.S. branches of the military are working together for a common goal(Some communities schedule another date in April for this celebration).

For Your Parent Center’s Social Media, Websites, and Flyers

Customizable Graphics to celebrate Month of the Military Child (MoMC):

The first four images can be used as-is:

The second set of images have room for your center’s name and logo above the text that reads “Supports”, so that once inserted, the text will read “XYZ Parent Center Supports Month of the Military Child”.

To grab all the slides at once, download the PowerPoint: Social Media and Website Images for Month of the Military Child.

Customizable Content: Social media posts and hashtags to celebrate Month of the Military Child (MoMC)

Use as-is or edit to your requirements; quick, easy, lots of choices!   

Download all the posts as a Word document.

Specifically Celebrating Military Children with Disabilities:

  1. Military families with children who have special needs must develop a support system every time they move, in addition to changing schools, homes, and communities. Join us in showing your support for military children. #MoMC #kidsservetoo 
  2. Military families want their kids to feel at home wherever they live, and they know a good way to get to know people is through their local school. We help military parents whose child has disabilities build positive relationships with their child’s school and be a great advocate for their child’s educational needs. #MoMC #kidsservetoo 
  3. Good partnerships between home and school help children adapt more easily to change. We support military children by helping military families who have a child with disabilities work with schools to meet their child’s educational needs. #MoMC #kidsservetoo 
  4. Military families have their child’s well-being and education as top priorities. [Parent Center name] has resources for military families whose children are/have [insert appropriate text here]. Join us in supporting military kids this April, Month of the Military Child!

For Purple-Up Day, April 18, 2019

  1. Purple Up! Wear Purple on April 18 to show your support for our military families. #PurpleUp #MoMC #kidsservetoo 
  2. Did you know that more than 80% of military children attend public schools? There are military-connected students in almost every school district across the US. Show your support for military families – Purple Up! #PurpleUp #MoMC #kidsservetoo 
  3. Purple Up for Military Kids! Military children say goodbye to parents for months at a time when they go on deployment. We honor our military children for the strength and resilience that allows them to grow and thrive no matter where they are planted. #PurpleUp #MoMC #kidsservetoo 

For any day in April

  1. There are 1.2 million military children worldwide. Show your support for military children during April, the Month of the Military Child.  #MoMC #kidsservetoo 
  2. The average military child will move 6 to 9 times during their parents’ career. Show your support for military families this April, the Month of the Military Child.  #MoMC #kidsservetoo
  3. Pack, Say Goodbye, Move, Repeat… Military children will say goodbye to more significant people by age 18 than the average person will in their lifetime. Please join us and show your support for military families. #MoMC #kidsservetoo 
  4. Military kids are amazing! Navigating constant changes with resilience, their ability to bounce back is inspiring.  We salute our military families. #MoMC #kidsservetoo 
  5. We celebrate military kids, because they serve too! There’s a common saying about military families: “Military families serve too”. That’s really true, and no more so than for our military kids, who experience a degree of change that can be hard to imagine. We honor military kids and their parents for what they do in their daily lives for all of us. #MoMC #kidsservetoo