If you have a friend, support person, boyfriend or girlfriend, adult, family member, spouse or partner, aide or other trusted person in your life, we can all connect!  Tell us just the basics, your first name, how to contact you and add a person you want to join our conversation(this link opens a form).

What if I have a significant disability?

We aim to make telling your story as easy as possible, using a variety of formats and accessible technology.​

If you’d like to tell your story, and our suggested formats or processes don’t seem like they would work for you, please contact us. We can discuss what works for you!​


To connect, we’ll use what works best!

  • To see and hear one another we can send you a private meeting Zoom link. The Zoom platform is accessible for people who use screen readers and keyboard commands. Zoom is free meeting software that you can download and use on your phone, computer, tablet or laptop.
  • We may use the free BaseCamp app (for phones, computers, laptops, tablets) for communications. BaseCamp has strong accessibility features.
  • We may sometimes use email.