Working with Military Installations: Tools and Tips for Parent Center Staff

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Everything from first contact to going through the gate–tips and advice from military family members, parent center staff, and guidelines from Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.

Initiating Contact with Installations:

Parent Center staff can gain insights from their counterparts who have worked with installations.  This short video identifies which key military personnel and events were involved in initial contacts. Participants also describe their successful approach to framing expectations.

Memorandum of Understanding

Parent Center staff can use this template at several points in the process of working with installations:

  • Before making an agreement with installation personnel use the template to learn what they consider important
  • During contacts with installation personnel, to frame the discussion, define scopes of activities and identify separate responsibilities
  • To finalize an agreement: Many installations will require a Memorandum of Understanding before you can offer services
  • Over time: refer back to the Memorandum as personnel change

MOU Template [Word]

For military personnel,  Memoranda of Understanding are very important and must use certain wording and formats.  This template is a pre-formatted, fillable form specifically designed for Parent Centers to use with installations.

Procedures for Installation Access

Get Installation Access for Events, Parent Trainings, and Individual Assistance

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Military family support programs and staff for points of contact:

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

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