TRICARE, the healthcare entitlement program for military families, presents several quick videos on “What is TRICARE?”, “TRICARE Options for National Guard and Reserve Members”, TRICARE Extended Health Care Option (ECHO) – important for certain families who have children with disabilities- and TRICARE’s Autism Demonstration Project.


What is TRICARE?

This YouTube video shares the basics of what TRICARE (the entitlement program) is and what it means to military families. This information can assist Parent Center staff in gaining the knowledge of what exactly TRICARE is and how each family they work with is affected and covered.

TRICARE options for National Guard and Reserve Members

This YouTube video shares with you what National Guard and Reserves TRICARE options are during activation and deactivation. Parent Centers will be able to use this information to gain a more thorough understanding of what these “Citizen Soldiers” and their family members may be entitled to and during what time frames.

TRICARE Extended Care Health Option

This YouTube video shows how the Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) works, who is eligible, and how the dependent benefits from the integrated services and supplies. Parent Center staff can use this information to assist military families directly with issues they may have when needing specific services or supplies for their children with disabilities.

TRICARE’s Autism Care Demonstration

TRICARE’s Autism Care Demonstration video is an overview of what TRICARE offers qualifying individuals on the Autism Spectrum with concerns to Applied Behavioral Analysis. Parent Center staff may gain a better understanding of what military families can request and what is allowed under this program. Those staff members can be the experts when it comes to families who are not sure of what is available to them.