Tips for Accessing Military Installations: For Individual Assistance and Trainings

Gaining access to a military installation can be a daunting process. Planning ahead and being aware of the procedures and rules before you arrive at the gate of the installation can simplify things and ensure you can connect with a family, meet with military personnel, attend a resource fair or provide a training.

Recommendations: A Check-list:

Pre-Event/Visit for Individual Assistance

  • Do you have a Driver’s License from an approved State or valid Passport to access the installation? This will also be needed for anyone partnering with you (e.g. other co-workers, parents assisting, etc.)
  • Do you have a point of contact (POC) on the installation? This may be your School Liaison Officer (SLO) or your Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Manager. Connecting with them or reacquainting yourself and your Parent Center will help you access the installation, obtain ideas for facilities for a training, and learn more about resources available that you can naturally partner to provide training and information. Contact information for each installation can be found using our Interactive Maps!
  • Explain to your POC the reason for your request and ask them for assistance. All visitors are required to have a sponsor who is an ID card holder. This can be another staff member who has a military ID card, a family member you are working with, or an EFMP or SLO. If attending an event, be prepared to supply the date, time, and location. Also, make plans for the day-of your visit for a training, individual assistance, resource fair, etc. This may include where you will meet, etc.
  • Fill out an application for base access. This may be supplied in advance by your sponsor or you may need to fill it out in person on the day of your event. Rules and regulations vary by installation. They can also change based on the Force Protection Condition or FPCON. We realize this may be daunting, however, these rules ensure your safety and the safety of the service members and their families who are assigned to that installation.

Day of Event/Individual Assistance Meeting

  • Make sure that you have your Driver’s License or Passport with you as well as a valid registration for your vehicle.
  • Meet your Point of Contact. They may meet you at the gate or you may need to go to the Pass and ID office or Visitors Center to obtain your final paperwork. It’s always a good idea to confirm before you go! Especially with military personnel – changes in threat levels in the nation, dignitaries and more can take precedence. Or they just may be out sick or their schedule changed.
  • At the gate you will be asked to roll down your window and show your ID cards. Everyone in the vehicle must have valid ID and either a sponsor present or an approved base pass.
  • Show your ID card and continue to the location of your meeting, training, individual assistance, tour of on-site medical facility, etc.