The Respite Care Question for Military Children

The parents sitting in front of you are desperate for respite care. You’re very knowledgeable about respite care options in their community, but you’re not certain those will work out for this family – they’re a military family and might encounter difficulties. You’ve also heard there are military programs that might help this family, but neither you nor the parents know what they are or how to sign up for them.

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Update: IDEA and Department of Defense Schools

Important Update for Parent Centers Working with Military Families: Change in DoD IDEA Regulation

The Department of Defense (DoD) operates its own schools at installations abroad and several in the United States. Previously, Early Intervention Services (EIS), special education, and related services for children eligible to attend DoD schools were provided under IDEA 1997.  In contrast, State and public schools provide these services under the 2004 amendments to IDEA.

Since July 27, 2015, DoD schools and EIS will be following a revised regulation (32 CFR Part 57) that brings DoD “into compliance with the requirements of the non-funding and non-reporting provisions” of Parts B and C of the IDEA (Department of Defense, Office of the Secretary, 2015). Since DoD does not receive funding from Department of Education (DoE) to provide EIS and special education, it is exempt from the funding and reporting provisions of Parts B and C of the IDEA.

Please read this article for the most recent information on special education and Early Intervention in Department of Defense Schools: Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) School System.

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