When a Military Family Leaves the Military: Your Help with Civilian Services Matters

It can be difficult for retiring service members and their spouses to find supports outside the military system.  Like all of us, they get used to the ones they’ve been using.  Can they access the doctors and supports they have had for their child?  Does retirement change their benefits or access to health care?  How can a dependent child continue their services when their military parent retires?  This chart can help you understand which services their child will keep, and what civilian options you can help them explore.

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TRICARE, the healthcare entitlement program for military families, presents several quick videos on “What is TRICARE?”, “TRICARE Options for National Guard and Reserve Members”, TRICARE Extended Health Care Option (ECHO) – important for certain families who have children with disabilities- and TRICARE’s Autism Demonstration Project.

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Alert: Parent Centers -IAN CHASE Survey

Evaluating the Impact of Moving Homes and Schools on Military Children with Autism

What is the CHASE Survey?

Military children in the Unites States move homes frequently with about 38% having moved at least once in the last five years.  Children with autism can experience difficulty with changes in their environment and routines.  Military families may have difficulties finding medical and therapeutic care for their children and school settings or supports may change upon moving.

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