For young adults, age 18-26, who grew up in military families and who have a disability or special health care need.

What’s the Military Young Adult CAFÉ?

It’s a unique, online community and community service that amplifies your voice, captures your stories and helps others! Your personal stories offer peer-to-peer support to youth and young adults with disabilities growing up in military families. Imagine, what would you like to tell your younger self?

Your stories can be used in other organizations, those that support military families and those supporting youth and young adults with disabilities. Personal stories are powerful, and your stories will make an impact.

Find out how to join at the MY-AC page!

Meet Your New Super-Volunteers-Military Families!

Does your parent center need volunteers to expand and continue your work?

Military family members are super-volunteers!

According to the results of the 2017 Military Lifestyle Survey, military spouses place high value on their civic responsibility. 78% of those respondents volunteer in their civilian communities. The military strongly encourages service members to volunteer, and military children and teens are active volunteers as well. Find out how to tap into this volunteer-strong community.

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Help Military Families Prepare Their Child’s School for Deployment -with handout!

As we know, having a parent away for a lengthy time places extra stress on children and the at-home parent, siblings or other care givers. No matter how often a military parent is deployed, and no matter how well-prepared a child might be for a parent’s absence, children with disabilities may be particularly vulnerable to the effects of stress on their physical and emotional well-being.

To help improve support for the child and increased understanding and support from teachers and schools, here are a few ways you and your center can help military families prepare their child’s school for deployment:

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