Resolve School Issues with the Interstate Compact-2 Parent Handouts

The Interstate Compact is an excellent tool for your work with military families. There are resources for parents that describe what the Interstate Compact is, and what it can be used for. These two handouts are for military parents who want to know what specific steps to take to start resolving issues by using the Compact, and what their next steps are if their first efforts don’t succeed. You’ll find them helpful too!

Click on these links to get the handouts. You can brand them with your own headers and images!

Step by Step Checklist –Resolve School Issues with the Interstate Compact (Handout-add your parent center information!)

School Issues Covered by the Interstate Compact (Handout-add your parent center information)

Additional Resources from the Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3):

Contact form to request help with a school issue 

Find Compact legislation in your state

PDF handout with active links for resolving a school issue above the individual school level

State Compact Commissioners and Committees (click on state in the interactive map)