Purple Up! Month of the Military Child, April 2020

When is Purple Up Day? You Decide! Purple-Up Day is part of the month-long April celebration “Month of the Military Child” or “MoMC”. The color purple is used as a symbol of all the service branches, as their official colors combine to make purple. Schools, both public and Department of Defense, many organizations and even state governments celebrate MoMC, but the date they pick for “official” Purple-Up Day varies quite a bit. In 2020, we’ve seen dates ranging from April 13-18.

Ideas for Purple-Up Day:

  • Pick a day to wear purple to work; take a group photo, and post on social media with the tag “We Support Military Children/MoMC” or similar
  • Alternatively, use free images, tags, and post examples from the Branch
  • If schools in your state or area are celebrating, re-post about their events to support them

And here’s your “free gift” from the Branch: images, example texts, and hashtags for Month of the Military Child, all ready to be added to your social media pages. Have fun!

Images and social media posts for Month of the Military Child