Military Young Adult Café Accessibility

  • If you have a peer support person, an aide, or another person who helps you, they are welcome to be part of all Advisory Group meetings and events.
  • Our online meetings, on the Zoom platform, are accessible for individuals who use screen readers, keyboard commands, and supports online closed captioning.
  • We will use the free BaseCamp app (for phones, computers, laptops, tablets) for Advisory Group planning and communications. Basecamp has strong accessibility features. We may sometimes use email.
  • You will need a computer or a laptop with internet access to participate in the meetings.
  • Meetings will be recorded as a video, closed-captioned, with a transcript and sent to all group members after the meeting. They will also be available on the group webpage:
  • In future, some group members may be invited as panelists for regional or national Parent Center conferences or other events. Accessibility for these events is organized by the sponsor. The Branch will work with the sponsor to ensure access and full participation by Advisory Group panelists.

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