empowerbranchAT A GLANCE…

The Branch (MPTAC) will build the capacity of parent centers to provide effective services to military parents of children with disabilities and youth with disabilities in military families.


Universal Goal- Parent Centers will have access to high-quality, relevant, useful, and accurate information on topics that increase your effectiveness when working with military families.
Targeted Goal – Parent centers in the 10 States with the highest military representation (California, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Washington, Florida, Hawaii, Kentucky, and South Carolina) will have sustained, effective relationships with the personnel on the military installations within their States.
Intensive Goal – Parent centers who request intensive technical assistance will increase their capacity to support military families and have sustained, effective relationships with the personnel on the military installations in their areas.


To accomplish its objectives, the Branch will: 

  • Establish an Advisory Committee with majority representation of Parent Center staff;
  • Conduct a national assessment of Parent Center needs and assets at the beginning of the second year;
  • Build a website that gives Parent Centers access to all products of the Branch and to on demand learning portals;
  • Create and disseminate new products through processes found to be best practice for outreach and dissemination;
  • Foster a community of practice where Parent Center staff can share ideas and support strategies focused on military families;
  • Keep Parent Centers up-to-date on news from Military Special Needs Office, Department of Defense Education Activity and other military affiliated groups; and
  • Conduct a formative and summative evaluation to determine if strategies and activities are obtaining the expected outcomes.

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