I want to learn more before I share

Totally understandable!  You may also want a friend, support person, boyfriend/girlfriend, adult, family member, spouse/partner, aide or other trusted person in your life to “see” what is this all about?  That makes good sense.  We’re willing to connect with you and them too.  Contact us (this link opens a form).

What is the Branch?

We’re a national Military Parent Technical Assistance Center. We assist the hundreds of staff who work at the 96 parent centers across the US and its territories to increase their abilities in serving military-connected families. Parent centers are organizations that give free information, resources, support and training to help individuals with disabilities and their families. Both the Branch and our parent centers are funded by the US Department of Education.​

We live by the motto: Nothing about us, without us. In almost every aspect of our lives, our team has relationships with people with disabilities.  They are siblings, spouses and partners, friends, children, ourselves and other relatives and co-workers. Our everyday work supports military families and the professionals who work with them

Why are we asking young adults to share their story?

After all these years working with military connected families and their loved ones, professionals, military personnel and military affiliated organizations, ​we do not see or hear your stories.  

We’ve gone to conferences.  We don’t see our military youth with disabilities as presenters, part of a youth panel or in our audiences.  ​Who better to share their lived experience than a young adult who experiences a disability or special healthcare need?  

What happens with your story?

Right now, thousands more individuals with disabilities and special healthcare needs are growing up across the US and abroad in military families. Only with your permission, and as needed your family’s, we imagine sharing your stories through our parent and youth-driven partner organizations. 

Still have questions or want to know more?

We will be glad to connect!  Tell us who to contact and how, and you can add a friend or family member!