Frequently Asked Questions-Answers from the Branch

Many parent center staff, even those who often work with military-connected families, contact the Branch team with questions about how things work in the military system.

Here are some examples of questions we’ve received—you may have similar questions. While you are  free to contact us, many answers can be found in the resources on our website, such as the resources listed below.  You can also find answers by going to and entering the topic in the search area.

K-12 and Post-Secondary

  • “A military family I’m helping is having difficulty getting their child’s records transferred-who can they talk to?”
  • “The new school is insisting the student take an alternate exit exam due to her disability, which will prevent her from getting a regular diploma. The family is active duty military—is there anything to help?”

We recommend Resolve School Issues with the Interstate Compact-2 Parent Handouts.

It includes information on who to contact to resolve issues and how to escalate an issue, if necessary. (You can customize the handouts with your center’s information).

  • “This active-duty family is moving soon, and they’re concerned about their son’s transition plan. How will they find all the important agencies that will help him in their new state?”

Try Post-High School Transition Resource for Military Families-with Handout. Parents and youth can locate agencies and learn how to get services and supports in any state. The handout is customizable with your center’s information.

  • “One of the families I’m helping has the chance for the military parent to serve abroad—will their child’s IEP be in effect in a foreign school?” 
  • “Do “military schools” run by the Department of Defense follow IDEA?”

Check out Procedural Safeguards in DoDEA Schools and Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) School System.

Supports, Services, Medical:

  • “This woman is caring for her military-connected grandchild and she doesn’t know how to find a medical provider who takes TRICARE military health coverage.”

There is a wide range of information for non-parental child caregivers in Help for Grandparents and Other Temporary Caregivers of Military Children. Bonus Feature: a downloadable handout you can customize with your parent center’s information

  • “A military family I’m helping was told they are not eligible for a Medicaid HCBS waiver because military can’t use Medicaid. Is this true?”

It’s not true! Find out how the military health care system and Medicaid work together in Medicaid: Referring Military Families to Supports and Services This also has a downloadable handout you can customize with your parent center’s information

  • “How can this family find non-medical counseling for their child from a practitioner that knows about the stresses of military life?

View “Mental Health Resources for Military Families”  or see Just for Military Kids, Teens, and their Families: Child and Youth Behavioral Counseling

  • “Will the military pay for ABA therapy for Down Syndrome?”
  • “Can this family get ABA therapy from the military if their child gets ABA therapy from the school district?”

View a quick module on ABA and the ECHO program

  • “Can a military family with an adult disabled child still get the military to cover medical benefits for that child when the family’s service member leaves the military?”

The process is in What is Secondary Dependency?

Military in Your State:

  • “How do I find data about military and veteran families in my state?”

“Find Partners for Outreach to Veterans’ Families” has links to find your state Veterans’ agency, which can help you with data on veterans.

For active-duty, reserve and National Guard data, please contact us; we are happy to help!