The Branch, Military Parent Technical Assistance Center’s (MPTAC), mission is to build the capacity of parent centers to provide effective services to military parents of children with disabilities and youth with disabilities in military families.

The Branch is dedicated to assisting you and your staff in building the capacity of your center in providing support and services to military parents of children and youth with disabilities. We offer global (universal) technical assistance (TA) and information for all Parent Centers and their staff in the US and its territories and targeted TA to the top 12 states with the highest military populations. Intensive (one-to-one) technical assistance (TA) is also available for all Parent Training and Information (PTI) Centers and Community Parent Resource Centers (CPRCs).  Intensive includes a range of support from assistance with navigating military systems to building rapport and MOU’s with your local installations to TA for you to assist with trainings provided at installations in your area.

Useful Resources for Staff Orientation or Ongoing Training and Development

The Branch has many useful resources in print and video format.  We have organized a number so that you can support new or current staff with their training and development regardless of length of time in your organization. Each item will provide you and your staff information and education about the needs of military families who have children with disabilities: from military culture to nuances of the military systems that support their children with a disability to expert level information.  Even your seasoned staff who are knowledgeable about military culture, systems and your local installations may enhance their expertise.  While the listings here are our suggestions, there are over 90 resources available on the Branch website.  Just like a starting place on a map, we have highlighted resources for you, your staff, and volunteers to be helpful.


NOTE: an asterisk (*) means a resource is suitable to hand out or use with parents.


Initial Three (3) months or 101 Level Training:

Type of Resource

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Article, approx. 5 -7 mins.
Relocation for Military Families – PCS Article, approx.  4-6 mins.
How to Use Military Rank and Insignia Article, approx.  1-2 mins.


Initial Six (6) months or 201 Level Training:

Type of Resource

Interstate Compact – On Education Opportunities for Military Students Article, approx.  3-4 mins.
Behind the Scenes: Straight from the Source! “What the Office of Community Support for Military Families with Special Needs (OSN) and Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) do for Military Families” Webinar, 30 minutes
Working with Military Installations -Toolkit Video, 12 minutes &

Memorandum of Understanding form


Easy Way to Find Military Connections in Your Location Video, 3 minutes
Region (specific) Interactive Maps Interactive Web pages


Initial Nine (9) months or 301 Level Training:

Type of Resource
*Short videos on military healthcare Videos, @ 3 minutes each
TRICARE: Healthcare for Military Families Article, approx.  4-6 mins.
Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) Article, approx.  3-5 mins.
Medicaid: Referring Military Families to Supports and Services Article, approx.  3-5 mins.


First Year or 401 Level of Training:

Type of Resource

*Military Families and Special Needs Trusts Article, approx.  1-2 mins.
Military Childcare and Children with Special Needs Article, approx. 5 mins.
The Respite Care Question for Military Children Article, approx.  4-5 mins.



You can add your own Parent Center logo to these handouts!  (opens in a Google Drive Folder)


  • Extended Care Health Option Parent Handout
  • Military Families and Medicaid Parent Handout
  • Relocation for Military Families (when relocating with their Exceptional Family Member-dependent child with disabilities).

      Click here to access Google Drive Folder

Additional Parent Handouts you may want to share:

Special Needs Parent Toolkit – Birth to 18 (MilitaryOnesource)

Establishing Permanent Dependency (MilitaryOnesource)

Parent Handout on the Interstate Compact  (Military Interstate Compact Commission -MIC3)


Would you like to honor your staff’s training completion?

We will offer Branch certificates that you can enter your staff’s name to celebrate their completion of a level or number of trainings on this list.  You will be able to enter any sentiments and can also issue them to acknowledge multiple or all areas listed to track their training and development.  Staff can also download and provide to their supervisors to demonstrate their ongoing learning for their value to your parent center.  If there are other ways you would like us to assist with celebrating the ongoing learning and capacity building of your staff, if you have questions and ideas for TA, please contact us!