We Need Your Insight, Help Us Help You! The Branch is currently seeking Parent Center Staff who have been networking with military installation staff to help us help you. We are developing a variety of formats to use as “What We Did When” question and answer sessions. The purpose of the Q/A’s are to provide assistance to those initiating contact with installation staff, encourage networking between Regional Parent Centers, and provide an additional avenue of support to those new to this process. If interested in helping us by answering a few questions by phone or email, please contact us to learn more.


Facebook, an Optional Tool for Networking and Connecting. The staff at The Branch utilizes Facebook to acknowledge organizations who are doing outstanding work within their communities, especially when reaching out to Military Installations and Military Families. Also included are weekly posts with need-to-know information and updates from the Branch website. Simply like us on Facebook!


Interstate Compact. The Compact addresses key educational transition issues encountered by military families including enrollment, placement, attendance, eligibility, and graduation. To learn more on how the Interstate Compact affects students of military families please watch the Video created by the Military Interstate Compact Commission.


How do Military Families Find Childcare? For parents whose child has special needs, there can be concerns about the ability of child care providers to effectively manage a child’s needs. For military families this can be of additional concern with frequent relocation. As a result of these needs the Department of Defense operates the largest employer-sponsored child care system in the United States. It’s widely considered to be a model program, with rigorous standards regarding facilities, provider training, and accreditation.  For more information, read Military Child Care and Children with Special Needs.


You Asked, We Answered: Yes, there is a difference between The Branch and STOMP. The Branch, Military Parent Technical Assistance Center (MPTAC) is a Federally Funded project housed at PAVE. They provide Technical Assistance to Parent Centers that exist throughout the United States of America and its Territories; also to collaborate and enhance connections with the Exceptional Family Member Programs and School Liaison Offices on military installations. Specialized Training of Military Parents (STOMP) is a program of PAVE which receives funding from the US Departments of Air Force, Army and Navy to provide parent directed training and workshops to military families who have children with disabilities. Over the next three years, 93 Army and Navy Installations will receive Two Day Workshops while the Air Force intends to fund webinars over the next year.