Alert: Parent Centers -IAN CHASE Survey

Evaluating the Impact of Moving Homes and Schools on Military Children with Autism

What is the CHASE Survey?

Military children in the Unites States move homes frequently with about 38% having moved at least once in the last five years.  Children with autism can experience difficulty with changes in their environment and routines.  Military families may have difficulties finding medical and therapeutic care for their children and school settings or supports may change upon moving.

Dr. Marilisa Elrod, a commander in the United States Navy and a developmental-behavioral pediatrician wonders if this happens, and to what degree for our kids with autism?  Do gaps in services cause poorer outcomes?  To this end, Dr. Elrod has worked with the IAN Research team to create IAN’s Changing Home and School Environments (CHASE) survey.

Parent Centers are encouraged to post the CHASE survey and send out to military parents within their regions.

Who is eligible to participate in the CHASE Survey?

All military parents of a child with ASD aged 5-17 years registered in IAN Research are invited to participate.

Families need not have moved homes recently to complete this survey.

To find out more and to participate please go to: (external link)